Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Put in the Skip?

Many different items. These include; furniture, furnishings, timber, plastic, packaging, and general garden waste. You can also put heavy waste into a skip, as long as you tell us beforehand. Acceptable heavy waste items include bricks, rubble, and soil. You receive a disclaimer with every skip. We can also take plasterboard, but this may incur extra costs.

What Can’t I Place in the Skip?

You cannot put hazardous or harmful items into a skip. These include, but are not limited to, asbestos, medical waste, gas cylinders, solvents, oil, petrol, diesel, and explosives.

Can I Put Fridges, Freezers, and Microwaves in the Skip?

No! You cannot put a fridge, freezer, or microwave in our skips. Unfortunately, we also do not take TVs or paint pots anymore, either.

Do I Need a Skip Permit?

You don't need a skip permit if you place the skip on private land, your driveway, or a private parking bay. If you'd like your skip to be placed on a road, pavement, or other public space, you need a permit. Prices are set by local councils and vary across the UK. We apply for the permit for you.

How Much Notice Do You Need?

If you require a skip for private land, our standard minimum notice period is one day. Skips are sometimes delivered on the same day, depending on our availability.

Can I Place a Mattress in the Skip?

Only with prior agreement that is arranged when you book with us. An extra charge of £20 is applied per mattress.

What If I Cannot Obtain a Skip Permit? What If I Need a Skip Quickly?

When a permit is not granted due to access or safety issues, we provide a wait-and-load service. Our driver waits while you load the skip. Please contact us for further information on this option. If you need help, the driver will happily lend a hand.

Does Skip Hire Include Disposal?

Yes. Disposal costs are included in our skip hire price.

What Do the Skip Hire Prices Include?

The basic skip hire price includes the drop-off and pick-up of the skip, as well as the disposal of your waste. The standard hire period is 7 days, but this can be extended as long as appropriate notice is given, which may incur extra costs.

How Much Will Be Recycled?

The amount of recycled waste depends on the type of materials that you are disposing of. We strive to keep our average recycling rates as high as possible, and we do our utmost to divert your waste from a landfill.

Please Note

We reserve the right to remove any items from the skip that have not been previously agreed on. These include mattresses, fridges, freezers, and hazardous materials. These items must be correctly disposed of at an extra cost to us. We also reserve the right to remove items if the skip is overloaded, and place these back on your property if it could result in a safety issue for our driver and other road users. Our driver will advise you about the safe fill limit on delivery of the skip.

Contact us, in Plymouth, Devon, to speak to our team about your skip hire needs.

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